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Bratislava Fashion Map for 2018 has grown!

We all love to discover and explore new local shops, concept stores, fashion studios, and showrooms. We look for authentic experiences and feel good shopping and this reflects in our mood and communication to others. This is one of the attributes of high-quality cities that can be offered to their citizens as well as tourists. Bratislava Fashion Map is a proof that Bratislava is such a city and we can be proud of what it has to offer.

What is Bratislava Fashion Map?

Bratislava Fashion Map (BFM) is a list of local shops, concept stores, fashion studios, showrooms and other retailers and relevant spots that predominantly offer or promote Slovak and local fashion. It is currently the only available map of carefully curated fashion selection in the country. The format is a physical map of the capital and its surroundings with 78 spots including shops, concept stores, fashion studios and showrooms and their detailed descriptions, addresses and contact details. It is published in both Slovak and English language. Its aim is to bring visibility to local fashion and to increase the traffic to the shops. It is a product created and produced by Slovak Fashion Council in partnership with Bratislava Self-Governing Region.

Bratislava Fashion Map is an important tool that helps develop Slovak fashion industry and adds to other successful tools that help develop fashion tourism on a global level. We have received an excellent feedback from everyone who has seen the map here in Slovakia or abroad – including the stores, designers, fashion studios, showrooms and many industry experts and professionals. In 2017, the demand after successfully distributing the first 5,000 copies was so high, we had to print another 5,000 and what better proof to have to show the map is loved by both locals and tourists.” Dana Kleinert, Chairwoman at Slovak Fashion Council

What’s new

The year 2018 marks the second edition of the map – and compared with its 2017 version, it has gotten bigger and better! Literally. We had to double the size of the map from A2 to A1 to fit double the amount of great fashion spots. This year, we feature 78 shops, concept stores, studios, showrooms and other retailers and relevant places. Apart from the original 2017 list including already established places like slávica, Kompot, Lenka Sršňová or Diagram Concept Store, we were pleased to add a bunch of new ones such as drobne store & atelier, Slovenka, Ozeta, Rivica or Imani and many others. The goal of the map is to support fashion tourism in general and that is why Slovak Fashion Council added further relevant tips to fully enjoy the city. These include cultural spots, galleries, magazine shops, restaurants, and cafes.

Together with our partners, we want to offer recommendations on how people can enjoy local fashion scene and plan their visit in the city while including a full list of activities that go together with it and enhance the local fashion experience.” Zuzana Bobikova, Head of Strategy and Communication at Slovak Fashion Council

Compared with the 2017 version, BFM 2018 features further improvements. We printed separate Slovak and separate English version. This has given us space to include more detailed descriptions and a better map legend.

In addition to other improvements, we created recommended routes for people who only have limited time in the city. Both locals and tourists will be able to better plan their visits and can simply follow a route that best fits their preferences and schedules.” Dominika Mayerova, Project and Online PR Manager at Slovak Fashion Council

Mária Čírová

At Slovak Fashion Council, we are proud that BFM 2018 was launched by a Slovak singer and a fashion lover Mária Čírová. We see her as the perfect person to give life to this year’s map as she has a great style, likes to experiment and is famous for wearing and promoting Slovak fashion designers.

I see fashion as a tool to communicate who we are to others and I am happy this project brings visibility to Slovak designers and stylists.” Mária Čírová, Slovak singer

What’s next

And there’s even more coming!

We decided to come up with further ways to maximise the map’s potential. We planned all along for the map to be digital and that is why, together with a young creative studio, we already started to work on a BFM app that will be available to download for both Android and iOs users this summer. We want to be as close to people as possible and feel the smart phone is the best place to start. We want the app users to become a real community and be able to interact with the content it will offer. All features will be available to use by both public users and featured stores.” Dana Kleinert, Chairwoman at Slovak Fashion Council

Slovak Fashion Council will be the admin user and will actively work to introduce new and improved features such as blog posts, ratings, events and more, so that every featured store, designer or another retailer will be able to use the app as part of their marketing communication activities. Also, public users will be able to rate the stores and leave comments which will make the app a great source of information of everything Slovak fashion related.

Where to get the map

BFM 2018 is a free resource available at every spot it features as well as all information points under Bratislava Self-Governing Region. The map was printed in 10,000 copies.

Featured shops, stores, studios, showrooms and galleries

AIDASTYLE, ALAIN DELON, ANDREY, ART SHOP GALLERY, Artattack shop & room, Ateliér 343, Barbora Kubi, Bartinki, Bepon, Boritex, Botas, CHOOZE shop, CORD DECKER, crafting plastics! studio, DANA KLEINERT, Diagram Concept Store, ÚĽUV Design Studio, Donna Rosi, drobne store & atelier, Fashion Recycling Lab, FLATGALLERY, ÚĽUV Gallery and Shop, Čin Čin Gallery, MEDIUM Gallery, Nedbalka Gallery, ÚĽUV Gallery, imani, Imperia Design, IOKO, Ivana Rosova Fashion Group, Jana KUZMOVÁ/KUZMI, Jenny Jeshko, KATIE Q, Kolarik & Vontsemu Fashion store, Kompot, KRÁSA VESMÍRNA, Lenka Sršňová Atelier LS., LittleEye, Fashion Studio Lýdia Eckhardt, Maximilian Mucska Tailors, MIKLOSKO Ateliér, mile, OĽGA JANDERLOVÁ Fashion Accessories, MrBouton, MUSA, NOSENE, Nová Cvernovka, ZITA Optical Boutique, OZETA, Pán Medvedík, Pažitný, petra kubíková, Petra Weingart, PÍSKACIE, Puojd, Renové, RIVICA, ROZBORA COUTURE, S Láskou, SATELIT Gallery, Shooos, slávica, Slovak Fashion Council, SLOVENKA, Slowatch, Soaphoria, SORT, Textile house, TOM STEED, Twigi, VERBUA, VONKOMER, ZAHONI, ZinZin Concept Store, ZOOT, KIN OF SKIN, LEA FEKETE

You can download the map <here>

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Bratislava Fashion Map 2017

web_1000x800Slovak Fashion Council with the support of Bratislava Self – Governing Region see the necessity and at the same time the potential of the fashion system and the creative industry and thereby their evolution in Slovakia. Quality selling points and possibilities of the presentation of the design are a must for a healthy fashion ecosystem. They allow sustainability of functioning of local economies and last but not least they are a reflection of our city. BFM enables quality designers, gallerists and traders to be seen and found not only by the local customers but also by foreign tourists.

You can download the map <here>

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