Memory - Interactive Fashion Installation

Slovakia’s IFS 2017 Memory:
Fashion-Tech Fusion Presentation Featuring Unexpected Possibilities

Where: Somerset House, London, UK
When: February 17 – 21
Free entry

Honest handcrafts and the purity of materials are brought to life via computer projection in a cube of memories by Slovak fashion designers. This presentation lets visitors explore fragments from young artists’ creative processes. And moreover – thanks to new computer-aided media system technology – every visitor will have the chance to see the whole story behind each fragment presented.

The interactive presentation takes visitors far beyond the usual exhibition, providing a gateway into the very private thoughts, inspirations and visions of the designers.

Participating designers:
Jakub Straka – the Crochet Project
Martin Hrča – Murmuring in Dusk
Silvia Zrebna – You and me
Andrea Pojezdálová – Noir
Zuzana Serbak – Lomoz

The talents of these young, creative souls are brought together in an interactive adventure produced by a professional trio:
Jan Šicko – visual artist,
Oliver Kleinert – architect and
Jonatan Pastirčák – Music&sound

Jan is the man behind the interactive presentation and says: “Each visitor receives a unique experience. I have created a computer system that provides everyone the opportunity to explore the respective back-story on their own. And the most exiting thing is that visitors can come back again and again and delve deeper and deeper into the thoughts of our designers.”

Oliver is the installation architect and decided to create a cube frame because: “A cube is the perfect shape as it represents the inner world of each designer. When a visitor enters the cube, they feel like they are inside the creative mind of each of our respective designers.”

All this is empowered by strong emotional music courtesy of Jonatan – whose wish is to strengthen the experience and draw attention to the most influential installation moments.

Curator Zuzana Sidlikova describes the installation as the story of individuals, taking us back to the passions of each of our designers.

Dana Kleinert – SFC chair – is convinced that strong creative talents deserve unique presentations: “Connecting fashion and new technologies makes it possible for each designer back-story we present to stand out,” she explains.

The memory installation is held under the auspices of the Slovak president Mr. A. Kiska.

You can download our catalogue here: MEMORY_IFS2017

And you can have a look at the Showcase here: