MEMORY - Slovak Instalation in London


The young generation of designers will again introduce their collections in 2017 in London. Jakub Straka and Silvia Zrebná belong to this young generation and they are still students at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. With their sensitivity when crafting their work with material and volume, they have already caught the eye at the student and out-of-school presentations.

Creations of Andrea Pojezdálová, who is freshly graduated from university, were in the recent years generously crowned with success at many competitions. This is her third time attending London’s IFS. Her handwriting is in monochrome colours and her work is based upon antique drapery and sophisticated design.

Maybe it is only a subjective observation, but the last collections of Martin Hrča carry a certain Slavic melancholy. This back-to-the-roots concept is shown by his use of traditional materials such as linen fabrics and fur. His cooperation with Kristína Španihelová, the auctorial jewellery designer, allowed new connections of clothing and unconventional detail.

Zuzana Németh Serbáková is a graduate from the Academy of Arts Architecture and Design in Prague and she will introduce her collection of shoes in London. She has worked in the past for a few shoe labels, but now she is focused on her own line of women handcrafted shoes and tailored creations for individual clients.

Each piece of fashion carries its own story, bringing us back to the yearnings of an individual. Fashion is a thread, which connects all the dreams, once between villages, but now between continents. What was once local is now global. The appointment of Ján Šicko /concept and intermedia art/, Oliver Kleinert /architecture/ and Jonatán Pastirčák /sound design/ will project this show in front of the fashion world of London.

Mgr. Zuzana Šidlíková, PhD., curator