Silvia Zrebná - at IFS 2017 in London

Silvia Zrebná

Collection: You and Me People and animals are joined together by the unthinkable aspect of being, by INSTINCTS! I have put these two worlds together. The process of creating was based on the instinct, I was creating instinctively. Which means, that the designs and patterns weren ´t thought trought before the realization. It was done by the moment, situation and by the emotional condition, by which I wanted to express equivalence of acting of people and animals. Materials in contrasts : polyester with animal hair print, faux fur and wool. Original fabric print: I designed the animal hair texture pattern Cooperation with potter Štefan Sekáčom, who made porcelain hats and accessories, which put the collection to the new level.


photo: Kvetoslava Bobáková