V4 Fashion Conference vol. 2

Local Brands in Retail – how to succeed
In this interactive talk you’ll find out more about current issues connected to original fashion production and retail in Central European region and beyond. You will have a chance to hear from professionals in fashion design, brand identity, marketing, fashion history, retail and journalism what are the opportunities and struggles common to local fashion trade in countries of V4 region (Czech republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia), also with exclusive insight from French point of view and overlaps to British fashion scene. We hope for your attendance!

V4 Fashion Conference


On behalf of cultural and fashion institutes of our V4 countries let us cordially invite you to the 2-nd international fashion conference held in London – Somerset House/Screening Room as part of International Fashion Showcase 2017 : V4 FASHION CONFERENCE: “LOCAL BRANDS IN RETAIL – how to succeed”.

Slovak project at IFS2017  is held under the auspices of the President of the Slovak Republic, Mr. Andrej Kiska, whose video contribution will be screened. And stay tuned for a little surprise.


| Katarina Kral (CZ) – leading professional in retail of local labels in Czech Republic/CLAF, LOCALLABELS.cz

| Alice Kloužková  (CZ) –  fashion designer/SISTERCONSPIRACY
| Tereza Porybná  (CZ) –  director of Czech Cultural Centre
| Martyna Panczak (HU) – Head of SOCIÉTÉ Fashion, directing SOCIÉTÉ Fashion Accelerator Program and SOCIÉTÉ Concept Store
| Piotr Zachara (PL) – fashion journalist and editor with 20 years of experience, currently teaches at School of Form
| Dana Kleinert (SVK) – chairwoman Of Slovak Fashion Council, fashion designer

Special guest:
| Muriel Piaser (FR) – International Creative Consultant specializing in fashion counseling, public relations, and global development/Piaser Consulting.