Slovak Fashion Council promotes Slovak fashion and textile at home and abroad. SFC defines and looks for opportunities to promote the best or emerging talents from Slovakia. SFC regularlly takes part in International Fashion Showcase London. And this year Slovakia presents its fashion designers in an instalation “Slovakia_Fashion Source Code” The International Fashion Showcase (IFS) is a renowned annual, international exhibition showcasing the participating countries’ most exciting designers. The showcase is a festival of art, creativity and emerging designers whose exhibitions reflect the best of their nations’ contemporary culture using fashion as the main communication medium. The exhibition is organised and coordinated by the British Fashion Council. The exhibitors are chosen by the organising team and Slovak projects regularly rank among the top 15 ones to exhibit. SFC present the work of the designers using the latest technologies, digital innovations and original music and the final exhibition is complemented with a corresponding architecture and curator advice. There is currently no other fashion project in Slovakia which would bring such visibility of Slovak emerging designers to the industry experts as well as public as our exhibit at IFS. In 2017, Slovakia exhibited at the showcase for the fourth time and presented an interactive exhibition ‘MEMORY’.