Best Fashion Graduate Award & Best Fashion Film Award

Best Fashion Graduate Award (BFG Award) is a bi-annual competition organized by SFC. The award is rewarded to one BA or MA graduate who impresses the renowned international jury with displaying the most fashion-forward body of work, garment based collection and an entrepreneurial flair. Along with the BFG Award, the winner is mainly and most importantly rewarded with mentoring and advice to help them realize their potential and to give them an opportunity to progress their career in fashion. As a result, the winner has an opportunity to present and sell a comprehensive and recognizable fashion collection to new national and international markets. The winner gains an additional support from the industry experts for a duration of a full fashion season. SFC tailors all rewards for the winner according to their needs, which results in a long-term positive impact on the winner’s future career in fashion design.

Along with the Best Fashion Film Award (BFF Award), the winning author/collective of authors will mainly and most importantly be rewarded with mentoring and advice to help them realize their potential and to give them an opportunity to progress their careers. As a result, the winner/s will have an opportunity to present another comprehensive body of work to both national and international audiences. SFC will tailor all rewards for the winner/s according to their needs in order to create the best possible impact on their future.

The purpose of the Competition is:

  • To support talented authors who are involved with and produce fashion films with the use of any craft means To facilitate the start of emerging fashion film authors’ careers
  • To support networking efforts among fashion film subjects to establish and work on new projects
  • To communicate the high-quality body of work of the winner of the Competition
  • To financially support the winner of the Competition
  • To mentor and give advice to the winner of the Competition according to their needs To support the winner’s commercial potential
  • To support the winner in the international environment
  • To reinforce fashion film awareness on a domestic level and abroad
  • To develop the complexity of Slovak fashion ecosystem
  • To identify and promote the fashion film scene in Slovakia  


All Attendees will be rewarded with:

  1. An opportunity to present their body of works and highlight the needs and challenges in the Slovak fashion film environment to the renowned international jury formed of fashion, fashion business and film experts led by an international expert
  2.  A two-hour professional training on how to successfully conduct a crowdfunding campaign which will be tailored for Attendees according to their skills and previous experience
  3. A guaranteed spot for attending a planned fashion film workshop
  4. A further care for the Attendees from SFC and their partners in the future


The one BFFA Award winner will be rewarded with:

  1. A right to use the BFFA title and BFFA logo for all of their professional activities
  2. A prize of €500 to support the production of their next body of work
  3. An opportunity to release the winning body of work online granted by media partners
  4. An individually tailored partnership granted by partners
  5. A year worth of media monitoring of the winner’s work progress and presentations
  6. Mentions in media following the announcement of the competition winner
  7. A priority role of the winning author/collective of authors in all SFC projects
  8. Further tangible contributions, financial support, and mainly professional advice to improve the future career of the winner