About Our Installation

Fashion designers are spirits who have the program of creativity in their genes. The source of creative ideas is subjective inspiration. Codes are being brought in to their models and so we can directlly but with our own feeling percieve the thoughts´ patterns of an artist. „Fashion Source Code“ – of each piece is original and unique as the DNA of its author.

Slovak instalation represents four up-and-coming fashion designers, who are completelly different from each other. Common denominator is just the inspiration, which is the starting point of each of them. The source is always something else but the need to express themselves is coded deeply for each other of them.

Inspirations of Slovak fashion designers is presented in a unique and modern form. Interactive and measure-made system based on the computer vision and projection. White pages are bound into a book and both serve as a remote control for presentation thanks to special signs and as well as a projection surface for the image. Projection changes the white pages into full-colour pictures. Visitor gains a special experience, somewhere between a phisycal touch of a book and apperceiving electronic projection.