Slovak designers revealed their fashion source code at IFS 2016

Slovakia is thrilled to be back with the International Fashion Showcase for 2016: Held at Somerset House in London with the theme of ‘Fashion Utopias’. Slovakia is one of the 13 solo countries exhibiting at the showcase. Slovakia_Fashion Source Code is a modern and fresh installation of four young fashion designers who introduce their unique vision through creative flair and interactive technology.

Fashion designers are free spirits who have creativity programmed into their genes. The source of these creative ideas is subjective inspiration. These ‘codes’ are being installed within their models, so we can directly but with our own feeling perceive the thought patterns of the artist. In this sense, the “Fashion Source Code” of each piece is as original and unique as the DNA of its author.

The Slovak installation represents four up-and-coming fashion designers, all of whom are completely different from one another. The common denominator is the sense of inspiration, which is the starting point for each participant. The conceptual driving force is always something else but the need to express themselves is coded deeply into each designer.

The inspirations for our Slovak fashion designers are presented in a unique and modern form – by an interactive and measure-made system based in digital projection. White pages are bound into a book and both serve as a remote control for this presentation thanks to special signs and a projection surface for the image. Projection changes the white pages into full-colour pictures. The visitor therefore gains a special experience, somewhere between the physicality of touching a book and the perception of an electronic projection.

The four designers, who are representing Slovakia at the International Fashion Showcase, are members of the youth generation who hold great creative potential. Barbora Kubičková, Andrea Pojezdálová and Petra Kubíková are fresh fashion design graduates from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. Maroš Baran previously graduated from this University in the subject of Graphics and, using his inherent versatility, has continued his studies in Utrecht and Prague. His work crosses the borderlines of several genres. He uses the platform of performative approaches and is fascinated by the possibilities of linking fashion with dance and performance art. Kubičková’s collection is striking with its imaginativeness. The designer remembers her carefree childhood, when she and her sister used to play in their mother’s wardrobe. #KINGSIZE is a moment when the world of adults merges into that of children, with humour and detachment. With her timeless ladies’ outfits, Andrea Pojezdálová revives Slovak traditions and uses the principles of sustainable fashion. Like in her earlier collections, she works mainly with draped and arranged clothes with the stress on the high quality and uniqueness of her artistic originality. Kubíková reaches for philosophical sources, such as the critical message of Guy Debord and his book The Society of the Spectacle. A spectacle is defined as “glitter”, as a wall made of contented consumers living their comfortable life. The individual pieces of clothing become jigsaws, the surfaces creating an illusion of layers. Kubíková’s work draws on the long-term inspiration of Japanese traditions and an indispensable aspect is her handicraft precision.

Installation id is curated by Zuzana Šidlíková; a curator of the fashion and textile collections in the new Slovak Design Museum. She is the author of the book Fashion in Slovakia during the Inter-War Period (1918–1939), Textile Art and Design in 20th – 21th Century, and co-author of the anthology Fashion in Slovakia, Short Fashion History. 

The technological part of the installation is created by visual artist Ján Šicko. He has been devoting himself to work and research within the field of visual communication since 2009, and is based in his own DevKid Studio. In addition to his professional work in the field of graphic design and new media, he leads the MediaLab* – a laboratory with the focus on the exploration of the borderline positions of graphic design – at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. His independent work ranges from animation, VJing and mapping, all the way to interactive installations and computer games. He develops his own tools in the form of his original software and hardware. Šicko’s work is diverse, crossing the boundaries of various genres, techniques and technologies. He has collaborated with the Slovak National Gallery, the Slovak National Museum, the Slovak Design Centre, the Slovak National Theatre, the Music Centre, the Slovak Radio, the Theatre Institute, the SĽUK, the Pontis Foundation, Convergences Festival, Neulogy and Pixel Federation among others. He has gained many awards for his work.