Slovakia_Fashion Source Code

Currator´s View:

The International Fashion Showcase 2016 will open its gates with the topic of Utopia. The book by Thomas More describes the vision of a place where life is based on the principle of equality, social democracy and joyful work. An image of new inspiration is a powerful motto for the world of fashion, where the moment of innovation has always been fundamental. The production of clothing is based on an understanding of the needs of humans, although in the present day, the issues of sustainable development, eco-friendly and ethical approach to production, returning to traditional crafts and local self-sustainability are becoming more and more popular. The textile and clothing industry in Europe is now facing new tasks such as how to follow up on the tradition of industrial production, which has been exceptionally weakened over the past twenty years. The situation in the former Eastern Block countries was particularly complicated: The unexpected privatization cases, the collapse of the Eastern markets and a lack of financial capital caused the collapse of the textile industry, with most of the enterprises never recovering. A statement saying that the fashion system fell apart is not an exaggeration. In the structure of the fashion market, not only were businesses destroyed, but development centers, fairs and the system of distribution, with the position of a designer changing definitely.

Since the 1990s, fashion has more and more gained a global character. Young Slovak designers have gained experience through studying at specialist schools and courses at home and abroad, with opportunities to gain work experience at significant fashion studios and companies. The four designers, who are being presented at the International Fashion Showcase, are members of the youngest generation with creative potential. Barbora Kubičková, Andrea Pojezdálová and Petra Kubíková are fresh fashion design graduates from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. Maroš Baran previously graduated at this University in the subject of Graphics and, using his inherent versatility, he continued his studies in Utrecht and Prague. His work is on the borderline of several genres. He uses the platform of performative approaches and is fascinated by the possibilities of linking fashion with dance art. Kubičková’s collection strikes us with its imaginativeness. The designer remembers her carefree childhood, when she and her sister used to play in their mother’s wardrobe. #KINGSIZE is a moment when the world of adults once again emerges into that of children, with humour and detachment. With her timeless ladie’s outfits, Andrea Pojezdálová revives Slovak traditions and uses the principles of sustainable fashion. Like in her earlier collections, she works mainly with draped, arranged clothes with the stress on the high quality and uniqueness of her artistic originality. Kubíková reaches for philosophical sources, to the critical message of Guy Debord and his book The Society of the Spectacle. A spectacle is defined as “glitter”, as a wall made of contented consumers living their comfortable life. The individual pieces of clothing become jigsaws, the surfaces creating an illusion of layers. Kubíková’s work has been long-term inspired by Japanese traditions and an indispensable aspect is her handicraft precision.

So what is the vision of Slovak fashion and what exactly is its source code? The distortion of economical continuity shifts the young generation into new challenges. These young people search for their own story, which leads them to the fundamental sources, to a greater courage, a more free imagination and to a sensitiveness towards fashion as a global phenomenon.

Mgr. Zuzana Šidlíková, PhD.