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Young Slovak brand freier was founded by Terézia Feňovčíková in 2018. The designer graduated from the fashion studio atthe Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava in 2017. At Bratislava Design Week 17 she received the emerging designer prize and her diploma collection was awarded the Fashion Live fresh designer prize in 2017.
The uniqueness of the Slovak brand freier is design served raw, collected from the life of street and its variability. On the surface, this means experiment with the cut and visual details on the clothing, disrupted by the styling. Beneath the surface, it means the inspirational composition of the theme. In the first place, it does not only mean the concept, but also accompanying moments, which are related and encourage us to attain the authenticity of each collection.

Collection “lv-426”
A collection inspired by the movie character of Ellen Ripley from Aliens (1986, Dir James Cameron). In the ‘lv-426’ collection freier introduces 18 silhouettes, where various forms of uniform elements prevail. Gradually, we can feel their decomposition into small references, preserved in Ripley’s costume. The inspiration is focused on identifying with the main character through her development and her impact on side characters. The graphic processing of textile patterns was taken care of by resell store flace and we also collaborated with the designer bronislava žurková brůčková on the creation of original machine knits.



Slovak Fashion Council (SFC) is a professional non-profit organisation that has helped to support and develop the Slovak fashion ecosystem since 2011. Founded by fashion designer, Dana Kleinert who has since gone on to win many domestic and foreign awards. Since December 2019 the new CEO appointed is Zuzana Bobiková who since joining has created the strategy and programme of the SFC since its formation.

The vision of SFC is to improve the functioning of the fashion industry in Slovakia so that domestic designers and industry professionals make a profit, make up an important component of the creative industry and culture, and give Slovakia credibility and a distinctive awareness board. This season two Slovak Fashion Council brands, I’m not a Robot and freier will be showcasing their AW20 shows with Fashion Scout.


Both brands will be showcasing their AW20 collections under Slovak Fashion Council on Friday 14th February from 2.30-4.30pm with Fashion Scout at Victoria House, Bloomsbury Square, WC1B 4DA.

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